Los Angeles – Good Housing Growth‏

When looking at investing, Los Angeles seems like a good place, as well as having its fair share of negative image. It is indeed a beautiful place, the housings are nice and the streets.. you can find anything on it. The valuation of the apartments are reasonable priced, some can be really expensive, and you may have celebrity neighours!

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On a positive note, Los Angeles is not sitting in its worst valuation point at the moment. Even just three months ago, reports from Trulia were indicating that Los Angeles was more overvalued than where it currently stands today. Luckily, homebuyers and home investors can be encouraged in knowing that home price gains have been slowing, while incomes around the Los Angeles area have been increasing over the past three months. These indicators signal that the Los Angeles housing market is moving in a positive direction.

The increased rate of housing price growth in the Los Angeles area should be looked upon as an exciting development for individuals who may have purchased property over the past few years. Individuals who have invested in property can be encouraged in the rate of increase found in property prices. Los Angeles and the surrounding communities are seeing slowed rates of increase in relation to their usual standing when compared to the rest of the country. It is an encouraging sign for the Los Angeles community to be able to see that they are no longer considered the most overvalued housing market in the country.

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This is a rare occurrence for the Los Angeles community and neighboring communities, as typically Los Angeles has strongly held the title of most overvalued housing market in the United States over the past few years. The movement of Austin, Texas into this top spot of overvaluation is a positive step for the Los Angeles community as they seek to stabilize their housing market. Even though they are still high on the overvaluation list a housing bubble does not appear to be a top worry for this year, due to weak construction levels.

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