Sentosa Cove

Recently, I am so in love with Singapore’s housing estate. They all look so beautiful and amazing… And of course they come with a high price!

Below I have compiled a list of videos of Sentosa Cove – a beautiful waterfront living for the rich. You can also have the privilege of owning and even parking your yachts here.

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Housing in Singapore:Hougang Estate

Hougang is a suburb and an urban planning area in the north eastern region of Singapore as classified by the authority in charge of urban Redevelopment. This town boarders Serangoon to the south and Sengkang to the north. Development in this town started around the 1980s and most of this region is residential covering the housing estate by the board of housing and development in the new Hougang town. A variety of Singaporean Chinese inhabitants in Hougang were formerly from a Teochew society and they speak Teochew language. However, this is currently changing with the residents coming from other regions in Singapore.

The town of Hougang is one of the housing estates in Singapore that are more mature. It is believed to be a heartland in Singapore with the estate being self sufficient having a variety of amenities for residents. It is divided into seven subzones namely; Sungei Serangoon, Tai Keng, Hougang, Rosyth, Defu Industrial Park, Lorong Ah Soo and Trafalgar. Very soon residents of this town will have more access to more recreational options, more jobs that are near the residence and more community facilities.

The residents of Hougang can access a variety of other major parks in the north eastern region other than precinct and the neighboring parks through the River line loop connectors in the North eastern region.

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What is Punggol Waterway Park?‏

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of your city or town, then the Punggol’s Waterway Park will be the best place to be in. The lush greenery, serene settings, and beautiful waterway will help you recharge your body, mind, and soul.

A Hawker Center is also expected in the area. The center will help boost a sense of community, enhance the quality of food that people will be able to get when eating out and lower the prices of goods overall.

There is no doubt that the future of the waterway Punggol Park is quite bright. With demand for space around the park increasing by the day, the park will remain the major attraction for those seeking to take advantage of its serene surroundings.

How to go to Punggol Waterway Park

If you are anywhere near Punggol, you need to take advantage of the time you have there and visit the park. You will need to learn how to go to Punggol Waterway Park via the multiple means that exist.

By Bus

In order to arrive at the Punggol Waterway Bus Interchange, you should use buses 136, 84,85,83,82,62,43,34, and 3. You can then walk for about 15 minutes to Sentul Crescent Road from Punggol Central Road in order to access the Park.

By Car

You can access the park via Kallang Paya Lebar Expressway KPE, Tampines Expressway TPE, and Central Expressway CTE by car.

By Train

At Punggol station, you need to take an LRT train to Damai LRT station. At the stop, go toward the Punggol Road then take the Waterway path.

By Foot

From either the Punggol Bus Interchange or Punggol MRT station, walk to the Sentul Crescent Road from Punggol Central Road for 15 about minutes and you will arrive at the park.

Los Angeles – Good Housing Growth‏

When looking at investing, Los Angeles seems like a good place, as well as having its fair share of negative image. It is indeed a beautiful place, the housings are nice and the streets.. you can find anything on it. The valuation of the apartments are reasonable priced, some can be really expensive, and you may have celebrity neighours!

building bricks

On a positive note, Los Angeles is not sitting in its worst valuation point at the moment. Even just three months ago, reports from Trulia were indicating that Los Angeles was more overvalued than where it currently stands today. Luckily, homebuyers and home investors can be encouraged in knowing that home price gains have been slowing, while incomes around the Los Angeles area have been increasing over the past three months. These indicators signal that the Los Angeles housing market is moving in a positive direction.

The increased rate of housing price growth in the Los Angeles area should be looked upon as an exciting development for individuals who may have purchased property over the past few years. Individuals who have invested in property can be encouraged in the rate of increase found in property prices. Los Angeles and the surrounding communities are seeing slowed rates of increase in relation to their usual standing when compared to the rest of the country. It is an encouraging sign for the Los Angeles community to be able to see that they are no longer considered the most overvalued housing market in the country.

building a house

This is a rare occurrence for the Los Angeles community and neighboring communities, as typically Los Angeles has strongly held the title of most overvalued housing market in the United States over the past few years. The movement of Austin, Texas into this top spot of overvaluation is a positive step for the Los Angeles community as they seek to stabilize their housing market. Even though they are still high on the overvaluation list a housing bubble does not appear to be a top worry for this year, due to weak construction levels.

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